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  • CRT Monitors
    CRT computer monitors display various patterns of red, blue, and green dots which blend into millions of colors. Learn more about cathode-ray tube monitors.
  • Computer Monitors
    Monitors are an integral part of a computer system. They display digitally generated data from a computer onto a CRT (cathode ray tube) or an LCD (liquid crystal display).
  • Heart Rate Monitors
    A heart rate monitor is an electronic device worn to monitor the heart rate of the user while exercising, and is a useful accessory to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Using a Heart Rate Monitor
    Heart rate monitors keep track of your heart rate during exercise and can be a valuable workout accessory. Learn about reaching your fitness goals with the help of a heart rate monitor.
  • Fitness Information Guide
    This fitness guide features convenient links to exercise equipment, heart rate monitors, and nutrition information.
  • Health Information Guide
    This health guide contains information about health-related topics as well as links to ellipticals, heart rate monitors, nutrition information and more.
  • VGA Cable thumbnail VGA Cable (Photograph)
    This photo shows the female version of an analog VGA plug, also known as a DB15 plug. Many computer monitors, and some TVs and projectors use this type of plug. Screws or nuts on the plug ensure that the cable does not inadvertently come loose.
  • Computer Supplies
    There are many computer supplies and accessories available to upgrade your system and make it more user friendly. Supplies and accessories include monitors, keyboards, printers, more memory, and storage media.

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  • Monitors Page on Jumblex.org
    Visit this monitors category page on jumblex.org to find editorially-reviewed resources about this topic.

Monitors News

  • Measuring Blood Pressure With a Wearable Device
    If you have high blood pressure, home monitors can be a great way to track your levels and keep them under control. Most of the devices currently available are versions of what your healthcare ...
    Catherine Roberts.  Consumer Reports.  Thu, 8 Apr 2021 15:35:16 +0000.
  • Samsung is developing safety monitors for the back of semi-trucks
    Samsung says it wants to build safer semi-trucks by installing monitors on the back of them that will allow drivers behind them to see what's in front of the trucks. CNET's Bridget Carey joins CBSN with the details.
    CBS News.  Mon, 05 Apr 2021 03:22:10 -0400.
  • 7 Sharp And Fast Gaming Monitors That Will Give You A Competitive Edge
    The best gaming monitors can do more than just give you access to higher resolutions. They also offer faster speed, which is important for competitive gaming and overall enjoyment.
    By Jon Martindale, Contributor.  Forbes.  Fri, 26 Mar 2021 12:12:20 -0400.

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