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History is the record of important events and their relationships, as documented in written form and transmitted down through time. History often deals with the causes and effects of human events, including those that relate to nations, institutions, and leaders in various areas of human endeavor. Valuable lessons can be learned from the study of history, and it is sometimes said that those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
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  • Watercolor Art History
    The history of watercolor art is first documented in early cave dwelling paintings, but modern watercolor painting techniques emerged during the 15th century with the landscape paintings of Albrecht Durer.
  • Acoustic Guitar History
    The acoustic guitar is a popular stringed instrument that has been used for centuries to play different types of music. Learn all about the history of the acoustic guitar.
  • History of Bowling
    Bowling is a sport whose origins can be traced back about 4,000 years to Rome and Greece. Learn more about this popular sport with a guide to the history of bowling.
  • Caribbean History
    Learn about the rich history of the Caribbean and find guides for planning a relaxing getaway to some of the most popular vacation destinations within the islands.
  • Discount Store History
    This website details the history of department stores, including several key figures in discount retailing and information about retailing today.
  • History of Australia
    Aboriginal people first migrated to the continent of Australia more than 4,000 years ago from Asia. Learn more with this guide to the history and culture of Australia.
  • History of Europe
    Europe is one of the most diverse continents in the world, comprising more than 40 languages and 40 countries, each with their own unique culture and history.
  • History of North America
    The first people to come to the North American continent crossed the Bering Sea from Asia. Visit this North American history and culture overview to learn more about North America.
  • History of Cartography
    Cartography is the art and science of making maps. Learn about the history of cartography and find helpful links to maps and directions.
  • New England History
    To learn about the history of the area of New England, read this informative website, which includes a history that dates back to 1000 AD.
  • US Map History
    This United States map site provides a history of the United States along with free printable outline, topographical, and road maps of the entire United States and regions within it.
  • History of Cameras
    Photography owes much to camera obscura, a medieval technology in which an outside image was displayed on to an inside wall or screen.
  • History of Africa
    The earliest African people relied on hunting, fishing, and gathering, until the first African civilization was first developed in Egypt, along the Nile River.
  • History of Asia
    Civilization was first noted in Asia about 6,000 years ago, when the Fertile Crescent area of the Middle East was initially settled and agriculture was introduced to the continent.
  • History of South America
    South America was initially settled by Asians who crossed the Bering Strait approximately 4,000 to 5,000 years ago. They migrated southwards, reaching South America via the Isthmus of Panama.
  • Chess History
    Chess is a board game which involves skill and is played with various pieces on a checkered board. Learn more about the popular game of chess and its rules.
  • Toy History
    Two of the most popular toys carved in Germany, back in the early days of the toy industry - Noah's Arks and Christmas villages - are still collected today.
  • History of Modular Homes
    Modular homes are often popular for their cost-effectiveness. Learn about the history of modular homes and modular home building.
  • History of Musical Keyboards
    Keyboards are popular musical instruments that are easy to play. Learn about the history of musical keyboards and find links to music keyboard suppliers.
  • Recumbent Bicycle History
    Recumbent bicycles allow the rider to sit in a reclined position instead of erect while pedaling. Learn about the history of recumbent bikes and find links to manufacturers and dealers.
  • History of Ocean Surfing
    Learn all about the history of surfing, and find links to surfing museums dedicated to the sport. You will also find helpful links to surf board and equipment manufacturers on the east and west coasts.
  • Active Adult Community History
    Active adult retirement communities first came on the scene in the 1960s due to a growing housing demand for retirement age people who were not quite ready to go into assisted living or retirement homes.
  • Haiti Geography and History
    Haiti shares the island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic, and the country is mountainous with the highest peak, Pic La Selle, at 8,770 feet. Haiti is among the poorest countries in the West.
  • History of the Federal Reserve
    Congress created the Federal Reserve System in 1913 as a means to supervise U.S. banking. Learn more about the Federal Reserve and how it controls our financial system.
  • Lawn Mowing History
    Many homeowners spend lots of time perfecting their lawn. While there are a number of products on the market designed to help you grow a lovely lawn, mowing the lawn is key to its success.

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