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  • Baseball Equipment thumbnail Baseball Equipment (Illustration)
    Baseball is a favorite American pastime. In addition to a baseball bat, the sport utilizes a baseball and glove, which are shown here. Ideally, baseball gloves are made of leather and the baseball contains a rubber or cork center wound with yarn.
  • Baseball Glove thumbnail Baseball Glove (Photograph)
    Baseball is one of the most popular American sports to watch and to play, and adults and children of all ages participate in recreational leagues or spontaneous backyard baseball games. This photo shows a standard leather baseball glove and baseball.
  • Baseball Equipment
    Baseball is a popular sport that is considered America's national pastime. Learn about baseball equipment and find links to baseball equipment manufacturers.
  • Baseball
    Learn all about baseball on this helpful website, which gives photographs, a description of the game and rules, and a history of the game.
  • Baseball Teams
    Baseball was introduced during the early 1800s and soon caught fire with the public. In 1858, baseball was institutionalized by the National Association of Base Ball Players.
  • Boy Playing Catch with a Baseball Glove (Digital Video)
    A boy wearing a leather baseball glove plays catch with his friend in a park.
  • Sports Guide
    This guide features helpful information on a variety of sports as well as links to sporting goods stores, equipment, and more.
  • Electrician (Photograph)
    An electrician wearing a red shirt and white baseball cap, accessorized with a fully equipped tool belt, makes adjustments to an electric panel box. The electrician may be installing or repairing the electrical service.
  • Football Equipment
    Football has overtaken baseball as the most watched sport in America, and its popularity continues to grow. The Super Bowl alone is watched by more Americans every year than any other televised event.
  • Team Names
    Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, the National Football League, and the National Hockey League comprise the four major professional sports leagues in North America.

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