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  • Baseball Player Wearing a Baseball Glove (Digital Image)
    A man in a green shirt and a tan baseball cap palms a ball inside a well-oiled baseball glove. The glove is a key piece of equipment for America's favorite pastime, and comes in several styles based upon the player's position.
  • Baseball Glove thumbnail Baseball Glove (Photograph)
    Baseball is one of the most popular American sports to watch and to play, and adults and children of all ages participate in recreational leagues or spontaneous backyard baseball games. This photo shows a standard leather baseball glove and baseball.
  • Boy Playing Catch with a Baseball Glove (Digital Video)
    A boy wearing a leather baseball glove plays catch with his friend in a park.

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Baseball Glove Image

baseball glove and hardball
Baseball Glove and Hardball on a White Background

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