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  • Blowing Leaves in a Park thumbnail Blowing Leaves in a Park (Photograph)
    A worker in an orange shirt and jeans uses a leaf blower in an urban park. The leaf blower is conveniently strapped to his back, allowing for easy transport. Keeping parks free of leaves enables citizens to enjoy the outdoors more comfortably.
  • Black Maxi-Dress thumbnail Black Maxi-Dress (Photograph)
    A young blond woman wearing a long black maxi dress is photographed in an urban area. The woman holds a bouquet of bright yellow flowers, which contrast with the concrete wall and weeds pictured in the photograph.
  • Bike Rack thumbnail Bike Rack (Photograph)
    Bike racks come in various styles; they can be used for transporting or securing bicycles. This row of permanently installed triangular metal racks is used for securing bicycles. These types of bike racks are frequently used by bicycle commuters.
  • Alabama Real Estate Guide
    Learn about urban, rural, and suburban real estate markets in Alabama. Real estate agents, buyers, and sellers will appreciate the Alabama real estate resources on this page.
  • Alaska Real Estate Guide
    Learn about urban, suburban, and rural real estate markets in Alaska. Real estate agents, buyers, and sellers will appreciate the Alaska real estate resources on this page.
  • Paintball Equipment
    Paintball is a sport that allows teams of players to compete in a simulation of urban and natural combat. A paintball gun, or marker, and safety equipment are needed by every paintball contestant.
  • Young Australian Boy (Digital Image)
    A young boy sits in the rugged outback of Australia, wearing a wide-brimmed hat and boots. He leans against a tree in the bush, which grows amidst vivid green grass. Explore both wide-open spaces and cosmopolitan areas in Australia.
  • White Church in New England (Digital Image)
    A pristine white church is set in front of an azure blue sky. The church's architecture, with its wooden steeple and clapboard siding, is reminiscent of structures in New England.

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Urban News

  • Birds Flocked to Pandemic-Silenced Cities
    From ruby-throated hummingbirds to bald eagles, a new study finds our feathered friends thrived in quieter urban habitats
    Smithsonian.  Thu, 23 Sep 2021 18:10:59 +0000.
  • The Fiat 500 Electric Is The Archetype Urban Run-Around
    The new Fiat 500e is an all-electric car created to be the archetype city commuter with a visual nod to the 1957 cinquecento and a salute to Federico Fellini and Nino Rota's Amarcord.
    By Nargess Banks, Senior Contributor.  Forbes.  Fri, 17 Sep 2021 12:24:19 -0400.
  • Harris, CBC put weight behind activist-led National Black Voter Day
    The National Urban League and BET for the second consecutive year are recognizing the third Friday of September as National Black Voter Day, an initiative that was started last year to encourage Black Americans ...
    Marty Johnson.  The Hill.  Thu, 16 Sep 2021 17:41:41 +0000.

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