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When the sailing ship Mayflower landed near Plymouth on the Massachusetts coast in 1620, Native Americans were already established in the area. Salem and Boston were settled within a short time after. Massachusetts' early economy was mostly based on shipping, whaling, and fishing. By the 19th century, factories were taking advantage of abundant water power. A skilled labor force developed, partly due to Massachusetts' multiple colleges and universities.
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  • Massachusetts Map
    Massachusetts is the 45th largest state in the USA, bordered by New Hampshire, Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, and the Atlantic Ocean. Several maps of Massachusetts are included on the website.
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    Learn about Massachusetts' demographics and economy, and use the Categories Menu to find businesses and other organizations in Massachusetts.
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    Learn about rural, suburban, and urban real estate markets in Massachusetts. Real estate agents, buyers, and sellers will appreciate the Massachusetts real estate resources on this page.
  • Massachusetts Atlas
    Massachusetts state history, geography, and travel information are the subjects of this Massachusetts atlas page.
  • Massachusetts Road Map thumbnail Massachusetts Road Map (Illustration)
    This Massachusetts map page includes a detailed, scalable road map of Massachusetts, as well as Interstate highway routes, scenic road information, and state transportation links.
  • Boston, Massachusetts Skyline (Photograph)
    Captioned gallery photo and description of the Boston, Massachusetts skyline near the Charles River.
  • New England History
    To learn about the history of the area of New England, read this informative website, which includes a history that dates back to 1000 AD.
  • New England Travel Guide
    New England has some popular tourist destinations. To learn about the attractions in each state in the area, read this informative website.
  • New Hampshire Map
    New Hampshire is the 44th largest state in the United States. It is bounded to the north by the Canadian Province of Quebec, to the south by Massachusetts, to the west by Vermont, and to the east by Maine.
  • New York Map
    New York is the 30th largest state in the USA, bordered by the Canadian Provinces of Quebec and Ontario, and the states of New Jersey, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.
  • Rhode Island Map
    Rhode Island is the smallest state in the USA, bordered by Connecticut, Massachusetts, and the Atlantic Ocean. Visit this site to learn more about Rhode Island and find printable maps of the state.
  • Basketball Teams
    Basketball is a popular sport that originated in Springfield, Massachusetts. Learn about the history of the sport as well as the names of the NBA (National Basketball Association) basketball teams.
  • Vermont Map
    Vermont is the 43rd largest USA state, bordered by the Canadian Province of Quebec, as well as the states of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and New York. Visit this site to view printable maps of Vermont.
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    This gallery page features selected Massachusetts images, including the state flag, a locator map, and various travel photos.

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