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  • Beach Ball in a Swimming Pool (Digital Image)
    A beach ball floats in the cerulean blue waters of an aboveground swimming pool. There's nothing like a swimming pool to evoke thoughts of fun, relaxation, and warm, sunny recreation.
  • Swimming Pool Ladder thumbnail Swimming Pool Ladder (Photograph)
    Pool ladders come in many different styles and are a must-have accessory for any aboveground pool. A metal ladder with plastic steps is practical for climbing in and out of this bright blue aboveground pool.
  • Metal Ladder in an Inground Swimming Pool (Digital Image)
    A chrome ladder dips into an inviting cerulean-blue inground pool. Feel the heat on the bottom of your feet as you walk across the tiles to the ladder. Dip a toe in the water, or go for the plunge.
  • Decks and Patios
    This guide features information about decks and patios as well as convenient links to a variety of deck and patio-related sites.
  • Inground Pool Construction
    To learn about inground pool construction, consult this helpful web page. Information provided includes materials, construction techniques, and more.
  • Diving Instruction Careers
    This diving instructor page comprises information about diving instruction careers in the United States of America plus a photo of scuba diving lessons in a tropical swimming pool.
  • Boy Floating on a Pink Air Mattress (Digital Video)
    A little boy has fun splasing along in a swimming pool on his pink air mattress.
  • Water Shimmers in an Inground Pool (Digital Video)
    An inground swimming pool is filled with shimmering blue water and surrounded by ceramic tile edging.

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  • Sanderfoot, Alan. What Color Is Your Swimming Pool?. North Adams, MA. Storey Publishing. 2003.

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