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  • Aboveground Pool thumbnail Aboveground Pool (Photograph)
    This bright blue aboveground pool looks perfect for taking a luxurious dip on a hot summer afternoon. The pool is encased in decking material with added steps, giving the illusion that it is built into the ground.
  • Kids Splashing in an Aboveground Pool (Digital Video)
    Two children splash each other playfully in a blue kiddie pool on a sunny, summer day.
  • Pool Decking thumbnail Pool Decking (Photograph)
    This man is measuring wooden decking to ensure a perfect fit around his aboveground pool. A deck can add practicality and sophistication to any aboveground pool, allowing swimmers to lay out around the pool or simply sit with their feet in the water.

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backyard swimming pool with deck
Aboveground Swimming Pool and Deck

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