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  • Zebra thumbnail Zebra (Photograph)
    A close-up of a zebra, a type of wild animal indigenous to Africa, is pictured. The bold black and white stripes of the zebra are so perfectly placed that they seem done by a paintbrush.
  • Beach Tote thumbnail Beach Tote (Photograph)
    A tote bag with stripes of orange, pink, and yellow rests on the sand on a windswept beach. A blue and white towel is haphazardly placed under the tote bag. In the background, the ocean surf crashes into the shoreline.
  • United States Flag
    The United States flag features 50 stars on a blue background in the left-hand corner, along with thirteen alternating red and white stripes. The 50 stars stand for the fifty current states.

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Stripes News

  • Should the Feds Guarantee You a Job?
    Not long ago, the question was rarely asked. Now, politicians and economists of various stripes are willing to consider it.
    Eduardo Porter.  New York Times.  Thu, 18 Feb 2021 17:36:32 +0000.
  • Will Outsized Budget Deficits Spawn Inflation?
    The Fed has earned its stripes as an inflation fighter and is not likely to risk losing its credibility. That said, its track record in combatting asset bubbles has been much poorer, and this is the greater risk today.
    By Nick Sargen, Contributor.  Forbes.  Tue, 16 Feb 2021 10:07:18 -0500.
  • Long-awaited bitcoin ETF could finally get approved this year, market analyst says
    This could be the year a bitcoin ETF is cleared to trade as the SEC changes its stripes and big companies buy into cryptocurrencies, one investor says.
    CNBC.  Thu, 11 Feb 2021 17:28:06 GMT.

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orange and black tiger stripes
Orange and Black Stripes on a Tiger

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