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  • Learning to Sew on a Sewing Machine (Digital Image)
    A mother leans over to help her daughter feed a patterned piece of fabric through a sewing machine. Learning how to sew on a sewing machine is an excellent parent-child bonding event, and also allows one to develop a skill that will last a lifetime.
  • Buying a Sewing Machine
    Buying a used sewing machine can save you money, but it can be risky. Sewing machines are precision devices, and they can be damaged if they are not packed carefully for shipment.
  • Sergers
    Serger sewing machines are featured on the website Sergers.us, which defines what sergers are and how they compare to traditional sewing machines.

Sewing Machine News

  • Machine-washable smart t-shirt can monitor your heart
    Carbon nanotube fibres, which look just like threads of cotton, have been sewn into normal athletic wear using a standard sewing machine to read heart rhythms, experts in Houston, Texas report.
    Daily Mail.  Tue, 31 Aug 2021 14:37:07 GMT.
  • The Best Mini Sewing Machines for Your DIY Projects
    For those just getting started or experienced sewers who want a portable option, these devices are both compact and user-friendly.
    Kristen Mosier.  Bob Vila.  Wed, 28 Apr 2021 04:52:01 -0400.

Sewing Machine Image

vintage sewing machine
Antique Sewing Machine

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