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A mall is a large building or collection of buildings containing a variety of retail stores and often restaurants. Many malls are enclosed with interior walkways between the shops, but strip malls house many stores with exterior entrances and sidewalks running along the length of the building. One of the earliest examples of a public "mall" is Rome's Trajan's Market, which was built between 100-110 AD, and is still in existence today.
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  • Outlet Malls
    Outlet malls consist of a number of brand name discount stores in one location. Often large outlet malls are located outside city limits and people may travel long distances to shop at them.
  • Western USA Outlet Stores
    Outlet shoppers are often willing to travel some distance to go outlet shopping. This web page lists selected outlet store malls that are located in western United States.
  • Factory Outlet Directory
    Visit this factory outlet store directory for information about factory outlet stores in the United States of America. All directory listings include contact information, category tags, and website links.
  • Eastern USA Outlet Stores
    Many people enjoy shopping at outlet stores and malls. Locate factory outlets on the east coast with this helpful guide to eastern USA outlet stores.
  • Female Outlet Shoppers with Shopping Bags (Digital Image)
    Two young, happy women are laden down with shopping bags after a successful trip to the outlet mall. Thrifty shoppers can find clothes, accessories, shoes, appliances, and other items — often at a deep discount — at outlet malls.

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