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Located in southern Europe, Greece is the ninety-seventh largest country in the world; its inhabitants account for about 1.46 percent of Europe's population. Greece's population is about 218 persons per square mile. Officially known as the Hellenic Republic, Greece is surrounded on three sides by the Aegean Sea, the Ionian Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea and includes many islands in these adjacent seas.
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  • Greece World Bank Data
    World Bank statistical data and graphs about economic and social development patterns in Greece. Data includes topics such as GNI per capita, school enrollment, and life expectancy.
  • Greece Locator Map
    Greece is located on the southern end of the Balkan Peninsula and enjoys a mostly mild climate. Learn more about Greece and find points of interest with this Greece locator map.
  • Map Of Greece
    The country of Greece is located on the Balkan Peninsula in southern Europe. Much of the country's 50,942 square miles consists of islands. Visit this site to learn more about Greece.
  • Greek Boy Names
    The table on this page contains the most popular Greek-origin names which have been given to baby boys in the USA between the years 1905 and 2004.
  • Greek Girl Names
    Many popular names for girls come from Greek origin. Find Greek girl's names and their meanings with this helpful chart that is organized by rank.
  • History of Bowling
    Bowling is a sport whose origins can be traced back about 4,000 years to Rome and Greece. Learn more about this popular sport with a guide to the history of bowling.

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Greece News

  • Coronavirus: EU urged to adopt 'vaccine passports'
    Greece and Austria want coronavirus-free tourists this summer, but other EU states have concerns.
    BBC News.  Thu, 25 Feb 2021 22:13:45 GMT.
  • EU leaders hold talks on opening up travel
    Greece has already struck a bilateral deal with the world's vaccination champion Israel and says that British tourists will be welcome this summer if they have a vaccine or a negative test.
    Daily Mail.  Thu, 25 Feb 2021 17:27:38 +0000.
  • In Athens, rare snow blankets Acropolis, halts vaccinations
    ATHENS, Greece (AP) - Heavy snowfall has blanketed the Acropolis and other ancient monuments in Athens and halted COVID-19 vaccinations in the Greek capital Tuesday as many services across the country were brought to a standstill. ...
    Elena Becatoros and Derek Gatopoulos.  Washington Times.  Tue, 16 Feb 2021 02:48:19 -0500.

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