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  • Scientist Adjusting a Bunsen Burner Flame (Digital Video)
    A laboratory worker adjusts the flame on a Bunsen burner so that it becomes blue and burns hot.
  • Jewelry Tools thumbnail Jewelry Tools (Photograph)
    A variety of jewelry tools are placed in a line on a wooden jeweler's bench. The tools include a rasp, a hammer, a file, and tweezers. A hot flame can be used to shape and manipulate metals into desired, creative shapes.
  • Electric Fireplace thumbnail Electric Fireplace (Photograph)
    An electric fireplace is essentially an aesthetically-pleasing heater. They can be placed inside existing conventional fireplaces that can no longer be used for open flame. The electric fireplace is plugged into a wall outlet to provide heat.

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candle flame at night
Burning Candle Flame on a Dark Background

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