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  • Christmas Fireplace Mantel thumbnail Christmas Fireplace Mantel (Illustration)
    Digital illustration of a fireplace, decorated for the Christmas season. Which stocking would you choose on this Christmas fireplace mantel?
  • Electric Fireplace thumbnail Electric Fireplace (Photograph)
    An electric fireplace is essentially an aesthetically-pleasing heater. They can be placed inside existing conventional fireplaces that can no longer be used for open flame. The electric fireplace is plugged into a wall outlet to provide heat.
  • Fireplace Insert thumbnail Fireplace Insert (Photograph)
    A gas fireplace insert warms a home's interior. The black fireplace insert is placed inside a white mantel, in front of a dramatic red wall. The crackling fire and the warm, crimson walls lend a feeling of friendliness to the room.
  • Stone Fireplace thumbnail Stone Fireplace (Photograph)
    A close-up photographs depicts a warm, golden fire in a rustic stone fireplace. Screen doors, which are now open, can be closed to contain sparks and embers. Whether fueled by natural gas or by logs, a fireplace makes a room cozy on a cold winter day.
  • Fireplace Grate thumbnail Fireplace Grate (Photograph)
    An electric fireplace is an efficient heater, typically consuming approximately 1.5 kilowatts and heating a 400 square foot room. Electric fireplaces do not require ventilation systems.
  • Simulated Fire in an Electric Fireplace (Digital Video)
    Simulated coals flicker and glow in a decorative electric fireplace.
  • Flames Dancing in a Gas Fireplace (Digital Video)
    Flames dance and glow in a gas fireplace that features realistic, artificial logs.
  • Traditional Floor Lamp thumbnail Traditional Floor Lamp (Photograph)
    A floor lamp refers to a lighting fixture fixed to the top of a stand, which is stabilized by a heavy base which rests on the floor. Floor lamps are available in a large number of types and configurations, providing maximum variety in decorating style.
  • Heating Contractors Directory
    Browse this heating contractor directory for information about heating contractors in the United States of America. The photo on this page depicts a heating contractor servicing a gas fireplace.
  • Christmas Candles and Holly thumbnail Christmas Candles and Holly (Illustration)
    Coloring page, depicting two Christmas candles. Until colored electric lights became common, Christmas candles were often used to light Christmas trees, and they are still used to decorate tables and fireplace mantels.

Fireplace Directory Page(s)

  • Fireplace Page on Jumblex.org
    Visit this fireplace category page on jumblex.org to find editorially-reviewed resources about this topic.

Fireplace News

  • Rachael Ray's New York house fire began in her chimney, officials say
    A fire that tore through celebrity chef Rachael Ray's upstate New York home started in a fireplace chimney, officials announced Friday.
    Melissa Roberto.  Fox News.  Sat, 22 Aug 2020 15:12:52 GMT.
  • Police hunt thieves who stole 130,000 bees
    The thieves struck at the rural site in Market Bosworth, Leicestershire, where the bees had been relocated to after the swarm was discovered inside a bricked-up fireplace in nearby Groby.
    Daily Mail.  Wed, 24 Jun 2020 17:06:37 +0100.
  • The Best Log Splitters for Cutting Firewood
    Save time and labor chopping wood for a fireplace or stove with the best log splitter for your work style and budget.
    Glenda Taylor.  Bob Vila.  Sun, 21 Jun 2020 11:50:22 -0400.

Fireplace Image

sock-clad feet in front of a toasty fireplace
Feet in Woolen Socks by a Warm Fireplace

Fireplace Bibliography

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