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  • Data Backup
    Despite modern technology advances, computers do still fail on occasion. It is wise to backup data in one or more external locations. Learn more about data storage on this informative website, which includes links to data backup solution providers.
  • Surveillance Equipment
    Surveillance equipment is used to observe and record people's behavior. It can include listening devices, miniature cameras, telephone tapping devices, and closed circuit television cameras (CCTV).
  • ASCII Keyboard thumbnail ASCII Keyboard (Photograph)
    ASCII stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange. ASCII code is a character-encoding language used by computers and other communications devices to recognize text. Most characters and symbols can be displayed using ASCII codes.
  • Computer Cables
    Computer cables connect computers to periphery devices such as printers, scanners, cameras, and more. Visit this site to learn more about computer cables.
  • Removable Data Storage
    Removable computer data storage allows you to back up files and easily transport data. Learn more about removable data storage options like removable hard drives and flash memory devices.
  • How Digital Cameras Work
    Unlike traditional cameras, in which images are transferred onto photographic film, digital cameras focus the image on an array of very small components called charge-coupled devices, or CCDs.
  • Top Level Domains thumbnail Top Level Domains (Illustration)
    The domain name system (DNS) is a naming system for computers and other devices connected to the internet or a private network. It translates domain names, which have meaning to humans, into numerical identifiers, which have meaning to computers.
  • Laboratory Fume Hoods
    Fume hoods, also known as chemical hoods, are important safety devices as they protect laboratory workers from inhaling hazardous vapors. Learn more about laboratory fume hoods.
  • What is MIDI?
    MIDI enables electronic musical instruments to communicate with each other. Most digital keyboards have MIDI ports that provide connectivity with computers and other MIDI devices.
  • Buying a Sewing Machine
    Buying a used sewing machine can save you money, but it can be risky. Sewing machines are precision devices, and they can be damaged if they are not packed carefully for shipment.
  • Electric Shaver on a Denim Background (Digital Image)
    A close-up of an electric shaver, on a denim background. A shaver is one of the personal hygiene devices most frequently associated with coming of age.

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Devices News

  • Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Gains But Lags Market: What You Should Know
    In the latest trading session, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) closed at $78.52, marking a +0.99% move from the previous day.
    Zacks Equity Research.  Zacks.  Fri, 05 Mar 2021 22:45:16 GMT.
  • How to Fix Annoying Hearing Aid Problems
    Hearing aids can be a lifesaver. But though the technology has improved in recent years, these essential devices can still sometimes cause annoyance. And for many Americans, the ubiquitous (and ...
    Hallie Levine.  Consumer Reports.  Wed, 3 Mar 2021 22:16:11 +0000.
  • Strong Earnings Could Drive AMD Stock To Fresh Highs
    Despite already rising more than 2x from its low in March 2020, at the current price of $84 per share, we believe Advanced Micro Devices stock (NASDAQ: AMD) has further upside potential.
    By Trefis Team, Contributor.  Forbes.  Tue, 02 Mar 2021 10:00:00 -0500.

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