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A contractor is a trade professional who is hired by the client to be responsible for the day-to-day oversight of a construction or remodeling job. General contractors are also responsible for communication between the client and the construction company, as well as other tradesman and vendors. Contractors often start out as construction workers and ideally have a bachelor's degree. Many own their own companies.
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  • Siding Contractors Directory
    Browse this siding contractor directory to find information about siding contractors throughout the United States of America. The photo on this page depicts a contractor and his helper installing vinyl siding on a house.
  • Utilities Contractors
    This utilities contractor directory comprises information about utilities contractors throughout the United States of America. The photo on this page depicts electrical utility transmission towers.
  • General Contractors
    General contractors are firms that contract to do construction projects for owners of buildings or other facilities. A general contractor is responsible to construct a project in accord with contract document specifications.
  • Prescreened Contractors
    Finding a reliable contractor is an important step in many home improvement projects, whether large or small. This site features helpful links to pre-screened, customer-rated contractors in your area.
  • Contractors Reading Blueprints (Photograph)
    Two construction workers, each wearing white hard hats and plaid shirts, review a set of construction blueprints together. The contractors may be building a new home or adding an addition to an existing home.
  • Home Blueprints thumbnail Home Blueprints (Illustration)
    A three-dimensional model of a Cape Cod-style home is photographed on top of the blueprints that contractors will use to build it. The home has a white and brown facade, and an orange roof. Two skylights will beam sunlight into the upper floor.
  • Home Improvement Contracts
    This website gives pointers to homeowners on what to think about before signing any home improvement contracts. Fifteen tips are included.
  • Construction Industry Advertising
    This online advertising guide for the construction industry features a discussion of the building trades plus links to commercial and residential construction websites.
  • Air Conditioning Organizations
    This page lists several air conditioning contractors and associations and gives a description of each organization. Links to a/c organization websites are included.
  • Construction Managers
    General contractors sometimes act as construction managers over their projects. These managers usually work from a construction site office.
  • Table Saws
    Table saws feature a circular motorized blade and are ideal for making long straight cuts. Different types of table saws include portable table saws, contractors saws, cabinet saws, and hybrid saws.
  • Tree Nurseries
    Tree nurseries propagate and cultivate trees for use in orchards, landscapes, and forests. Some nurseries sell to the general public (retail), while others sell to other nurseries and landscape contractors.
  • Four Drill Bits in a Case (Digital Image)
    Four shiny drill bits in various sizes are displayed in a red and black drill case. Contractors and homeowners love the convenience of cordless drills. Choose a drill bit size, insert it into the drill, turn on the drill, and go to work.

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construction contractors discussing house plans
Contractors Constructing a New House

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