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  • Feeding Wild Birds
    Many people enjoy having a bird feeder to feed wild birds. Learn about feeding wild birds with this helpful bird feeding guide.
  • Birdseed
    Many people enjoy watching birds at a bird feeder, but did you know that there are different varieties of birdseed? Learn which types of seed are best for attracting various kinds of birds to your yard.
  • Cuckoo Bird thumbnail Cuckoo Bird (Photograph)
    The cuckoo bird, after which the cuckoo clock is named, is a medium-sized bird with a variety of different markings, such as this grey and white cuckoo bird resting on the branches of a pine tree.
  • Cardinal thumbnail Cardinal (Illustration)
    This coloring page depicts a cardinal, a medium-size songbird with a crested head. These robust birds are widespread and abundant in North America. They have strong beaks, eat seeds, and do not migrate long distances.

Birds Directory Page(s)

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Birds Bibliography

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