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Artists are people who create works of art that may cover a broad spectrum of styles; artists use many different kinds of materials in their art projects. Their works of art can include drawings, paintings, sculptures, and other objects. The term "artist" may also broadly include poets, novelists, dancers, song writers, and other individuals who create non-material works.
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  • Artists and Art Studios
    Browse this artist and art studio directory for information about artists and art studios in the United States of America. The photograph on this page depicts an artist painting a picture.
  • Watercolor Artists
    Watercolor is a popular form of painting. Find a list of watercolor artists with this helpful watercolor painting directory.
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    Browse this fine art artist guide and directory to learn about fine art artists in the United States of America. All directory listings include contact information, category tags, and website links.
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    This visual arts guide contains information about photography and the fine arts, as well as links to visual arts products and related sites.
  • Arts Information Guide
    This arts guide comprises hundreds of carefully selected and categorized web pages about various arts-related topics.
  • Easels
    An easel is a frame used to support or display a variety of things such as an artist's canvas, a marker board, presentation materials, or drawings.
  • Artist Careers
    Artists use various mediums including oil, watercolor, acrylics, pastels, pen and ink, computers, and sculpting materials to create a broad spectrum of art.
  • Ireland Locator Map
    Ireland abounds with wild, natural splendor, making it easy to see the attraction it holds for artists and poets alike. The interactive map on this page can help visitors find locations in Ireland.
  • Royalty Free Photos
    Royalty-free photos are available online through stock photography websites and are popular with graphic designers, web developers, and digital artists.
  • Pinterest - Art & Artists
    This gallery page features selected images about art, artists, and art studios.

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