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An architect is a person who designs plans for the construction of new buildings and may even oversee the process. Architects must undergo specialized training and obtain a license to be able to design buildings that adhere to strict safety codes. Educational requirements for architects include a university degree, a two to three year internship, and a series of exams for licensure.
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  • Residential Architects
    Residential architects specialize in designing houses, condominiums, and other residential buildings and can be a valuable asset to the home design process.
  • Architecture Guide
    This guide to architecture provides a brief history of the profession and helpful links to selected residential, commercial, and landscape architects.
  • Commercial Architect Guide
    Browse this commercial architect guide and directory to learn about commercial and industrial architects in the United States of America. All directory listings include contact information, category tags, and website links.
  • Hiring an Architect
    When deciding to hire an architect, visit this web page to learn about what to look for and what to discuss with the architect.
  • Computer-Aided Design
    Modern CAD technology has changed the way that architects and engineers are doing business. Computer-aided design software is saving these technical professionals an enormous amount of time.
  • Countertop Materials
    Kitchen designers and architects often select one countertop material for most kitchen surfaces and a different material, such as butcher block, for the kitchen island.
  • Professionals
    Use this helpful professionals directory to locate architects, engineers, nutritionists, travel agents, and other business professional in all fifty states.

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