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  • Acoustic Guitars
    An acoustic guitar is a stringed instrument with a long neck, a round sound hole, and six strings that are plucked by the fingers or picked by a triangular, soft plastic pick.
  • Bass Guitar Illustration thumbnail Bass Guitar Illustration (Illustration)
    Bass guitars look similar to electric guitars but have a longer neck and provide a deeper sound. They also have four, five, or six strings, with the most common configuration being four strings as shown in this rendering of a red bass guitar.
  • Chess Pieces
    The six different games pieces used in a chess game are the king, queen, rook, bishop, knight, and pawn. Learn more about how they are used with this helpful guide to chess pieces.
  • Color Printer thumbnail Color Printer (Photograph)
    Color printers come in several varieties, depending on how they deposit ink on to the paper. Inkjet printers and laser printers are more commonly used than solid ink printers. This photo shows an inkjet printer that uses six color ink cartridges.
  • Website Development
    There are six basic steps involved in the creation a website. Learn how to build your site with this simple and helpful guide to website creation.

Six News

  • South Carolina Man Who Ambushed Officers Had 129 Guns at His Home, Sheriff Says
    Frederick T. Hopkins Jr. has been charged with the murder of a Florence, S.C., police sergeant. He is also accused of shooting and injuring six other law enforcement officers.
    Matt Stevens.  New York Times.  Wed, 17 Oct 2018 02:40:59 GMT.
  • IAAF delay 'Semenya Rule' after legal challenge by South African
    The delay could see Semenya miss the majority of 2019's outdoor season as athletes with high testosterone will not be allowed to run for six months from the date the rule changes come in.
    Daily Mail.  Wed, 17 Oct 2018 01:23:08 +0100.
  • IBM's Revenue Shrinks Again
    IBM reported third-quarter revenue that fell 2.1% from a year earlier, snapping a brief return to growth that had ended nearly six years of shrinking sales.
    Wall Street Journal.  Tue, 16 Oct 2018 19:53:10 EDT.
  • US budget deficit hits highest level in 6 years
    The federal budget deficit has surged to $779 billion in fiscal 2018, its highest level in six years as President Donald Trump's tax cuts caused the government to borrow more heavily in order to cover its spending.
    Associated Press.  ABC News.  Tue, 16 Oct 2018 22:47:26 GMT.
  • Franklin among '19 Colorado Sports HOF inductees
    Olympic gold medalist Missy Franklin and silver medalist Todd Lodwick are among six Coloradans who will be inducted into the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame Class of 2019.
    Blair Miller.  ABC News.  Tue, 16 Oct 2018 21:58:27 GMT.

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