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A guitar is a musical instrument composed of a hollow body and a long neck, commonly featuring six strings, but less often as few as four or as many as eighteen. The strings are plucked or strummed with the fingers or a pick. Acoustic guitars are made of wood, while electric guitars are made of metal and can be plugged into a sound amplifier. The first instruments referred to as "guitars" were used in Spain as early as 1200 A.D.
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  • Acoustic Guitars
    Acoustic guitars are one of the most popular stringed instruments. AcousticGuitars.us provides information about acoustic guitars, what they are, and how they are played.
  • Bass Guitars
    Bass guitars have larger bodies and longer necks than traditional acoustic and electric guitars. A standard base guitar has four strings and a lower sound than traditional guitars.
  • Electric Guitars thumbnail Electric Guitars (Photograph)
    A trio of vintage electric guitars, made of different woods and in different styles, comprises an artistic photograph. Light reflects off the wood of the guitar bodies, and you can almost imagine the soft sounds of the strings when they are played.
  • Acoustic Guitars
    An acoustic guitar is a stringed instrument with a long neck, a round sound hole, and six strings that are plucked by the fingers or picked by a triangular, soft plastic pick.
  • Electric Guitars
    An electric guitar is a popular instrument similar to an acoustic guitar. Unlike an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar plugs into an amplifier and can feature single-coil pickups or dual-coil pickups.
  • Red Bass thumbnail Red Bass (Photograph)
    A red bass guitar on a stand is perfectly illuminated in this dramatic shot. Bass guitars are responsible for providing rhythm for a variety of musical styles and are similar to electric guitars in that they can be plugged into an amplifier.
  • Acoustic Guitar Music
    The acoustic guitar that we use today was first in Spain during the 1850s. Learn about some styles of music that are meant to be played on acoustic guitars.
  • Acoustic Guitar History
    The acoustic guitar is a popular stringed instrument that has been used for centuries to play different types of music. Learn all about the history of the acoustic guitar.
  • Performing Arts Guide
    This performing arts guide features information on music, plays, ballets, and operas as well as links to acoustic and electric guitars and keyboards.
  • Guitar Amp Manufacturers
    This web page includes a list of selected guitar amplifier manufacturers. Browse their websites to find amps for acoustic, electric, and bass guitars.
  • Musician Playing an Acoustic Guitar (Digital Video)
    Some guitar players often like to come home from work and relax by playing their guitars.

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