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  • Guitar Pickups thumbnail Guitar Pickups (Photograph)
    A close-up photograph of a solid body six-string electric guitar focuses on the pickups. Turn the top pickup to control volume, and the bottom two pickups to control tone. Create the unique sound you desire simply by manipulating these pickups.
  • Electric Guitars
    An electric guitar is a popular instrument similar to an acoustic guitar. Unlike an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar plugs into an amplifier and can feature single-coil pickups or dual-coil pickups.
  • Bass Guitar Photograph thumbnail Bass Guitar Photograph (Photograph)
    Bass guitars provide the rhythm for many types of music including rock, metal, pop, blues, and jazz music. This artistic image of a red bass guitar showcases the fretboard with four strings, magnetic pickups, and a wooden neck.

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electric guitar transducers (aka humbucking pickups or simply humbuckers)
Electric Guitar Pickups

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