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  • Christmas Gift Package thumbnail Christmas Gift Package (Illustration)
    Digital image of a Christmas gift package, ready to be presented to a family member or friend. Wrap each package with fancy paper, ribbons, and holly.
  • Ski Packages
    Ski vacations are a popular way to enjoy the outdoors in the winter months. Many ski resorts offer all-inclusive ski packages for a specified amount of time.
  • Shipping Label thumbnail Shipping Label (Photograph)
    Address labels come in many forms, and those used for mailing letters and packages can be stick-on or imprinted onto the box. This rectangular package has a large imprinted section for hand writing the receiver's address.
  • Auto Warranties
    An auto warranty is a promise from the manufacturer to stand behind their product. New vehicles come with a warranty as part of a standard package, but used vehicles may or may not come with a warranty.
  • Pansy Plants thumbnail Pansy Plants (Photograph)
    A lone purple pansy blooms among a crate of pansy plants. Located in a plant nursery or greenhouse, this package of pansy plants is waiting to be bought and planted by an optimistic gardener.
  • Gift Boxes
    No matter what the gift, an attractive gift box can add a thoughtful touch. Gift boxes range from simple boxes used to package a gift to more elaborate containers that become part of the gift itself.
  • Gift For Mom thumbnail Gift For Mom (Illustration)
    A drawing of a gift for Mom makes viewers wonder about the surprises that could be inside. The orange gift casts shadows of purple and blue, while yellow ribbons and pink flowers make the package more festive.
  • Brown Address Label (Digital Image)
    A brown address label sits on a white background, just waiting to be filled out and sent.

Package News

  • Euro zone agrees on debt relief package for Greece
    Euro zone finance ministers agreed on a debt relief package for Greece and a new disbursement of 15 billion euros.
    CNBC.  Fri, 22 Jun 2018 00:25 GMT.
  • 3 hospitalized after Loop hazmat situation
    Three people have been transported to hospitals after the Chicago Fire Department responded to a suspicious package in the Loop Thursday morning.
    ABC News.  Thu, 21 Jun 2018 17:26:32 UTC.
  • $144b income tax cuts set to pass amid One Nation, Centre Alliance support
    Personal income tax cuts worth billions of dollars are set to pass today, with One Nation confirming it will support the Federal Government's $144 billion package and Centre Alliance conditionally backing it.
    Stephanie Borys.  Australian Broadcasting Corporation.  Thu, 21 Jun 2018 05:59:08 +1000.
  • How This One Key Tip Can Help You Negotiate A Severance Package
    Ending relationships in business can be tough, but transitioning to new opportunities doesn't have to involve conflict. I talk about working through negotiating severance with an employer, including tactics on how to do it with grace.
    By Tanya Tarr, Women@forbes.  Forbes.  Wed, 20 Jun 2018 12:28:00 -0400.
  • Hungary passes so-called 'Stop Soros' bill to criminalize helping illegal aliens
    Hungary's parliament on Wednesday approved a package of bills that criminalizes some help given to illegal immigrants, defying the European Union and human rights groups and narrowing the scope for action by non-governmental organizations (NGOs).
    Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.  Wed, 20 Jun 2018 11:12:53 EDT.

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