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  • Envelope Label thumbnail Envelope Label (Illustration)
    Address labels come in many different sizes. This rectangular address label has sections for both the sender and receiver, and is blank for hand writing or printing the addresses.
  • Luggage Label thumbnail Luggage Label (Photograph)
    Luggage tags are a important form of address label that travelers use to help ensure that their luggage reaches its proper destination. Luggage tags have a space for the traveler's name, address, and phone number.
  • Brown Address Label (Digital Image)
    A brown address label sits on a white background, just waiting to be filled out and sent.
  • Label Sizes
    Address labels are available in several sizes and shapes, depending upon their usage. Return address labels are small; personal and business mailing labels are generally about an inch high.
  • Size XXL Label (Photograph)
    A cloth tag with the letters XXL are sewn into a red knit garment. The cloth tag indicates the size of the garment, allowing wearers to more easily choose clothing that fits.
  • Size XL Label (Photograph)
    A tag with the letters XL, indicating the size extra large, is stitched into the back of a red garment. The simple tag will allow those shopping for clothes to easily determine if the garment is the correct size.

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