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  • World War II - Pacific Theatre
    Many of the battles fought in the pacific theater during World War II involved Japan. This page reviews the Pacific island campaigns that were fought during the war.
  • California Map
    California is the third largest state in the US. It is bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the west, Oregon to the north, Nevada to the east, and Mexico to the south. Visitors can view several maps of California.
  • Hawaii Map
    Hawaii is the 47th largest state, and is comprised of eight major islands divided into five counties. The islands of Hawaii are located in the Pacific Ocean, about 1470 miles north of the Equator.
  • Australia Topographical Map
    The continent of Australia, extending from the Indian Ocean in the west to the Coral Sea and Pacific Ocean in the east, consists of four topographic regions.
  • Map Of Mexico
    Located on the continent of North America; Mexico is bounded by the USA to the north, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea to the east, the Pacific Ocean to the southwest, and Central America to the southeast.
  • Map Of South America
    The continent of South America consists of 12 countries, along with French Guiana which belongs to France. It is bounded on the east by the Atlantic Ocean and on the west by the Pacific Ocean.
  • Santa Cruz, California Surfer (Photograph)
    Captioned gallery photo and description of a Pacific Ocean surfer near Santa Cruz, California.
  • Oregon Map
    Oregon is the 10th largest state in the USA, bordered by Washington, California, Idaho, Nevada, and the Pacific Ocean. Visit this site to learn more about Oregon and view the printable Oregon maps.
  • Washington Map
    Washington is the 20th largest USA state, bordered by the Canadian Province of British Columbia to the north, the state of Oregon to the south, the state of Idaho to the east, and the Pacific Ocean to the west.
  • Evergreens in a Snow-Covered Nursery (Digital Image)
    A row of evergreens grows at a tree nursery in the Pacific Northwest. The evergreens are dusted with snow, and set in front of a stunning blue sky.
  • Surfer Surfing Near Hawaii (Digital Video)
    An ocean surfer catches a breaking wave in the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of Hawaii.

Pacific News

  • China's Xi promises support to Papua New Guinea amid regional tension
    China has made a strategic decision to "stand together with fellow developing countries" such as Papua New Guinea, President Xi Jinping said on Friday, the first full day of his state visit to the Pacific island nation.
    Reuters.  Thu, 15 Nov 2018 22:56:34 -0500.
  • Xi Jinping woos Pacific islands to curb Taiwan's influence
    PORT MORESBY (AFP) - Chinese leader Xi Jinping will sit down with seven Pacific island allies on Friday (Nov 16), doling out attention and perhaps some largesse in the hope of convincing more nations to drop recognition of Taiwan.
    Straits Times.  Fri, 16 Nov 2018 11:16:10 +0800.
  • China woos Pacific islands with loans, showcase projects
    PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (AP) - As world leaders land in Papua New Guinea for a Pacific Rim summit, the welcome mat is especially big for China's president. ...
    Stephen Wright.  Washington Times.  Thu, 15 Nov 2018 20:19:52 -0500.
  • Camp Fire time-lapse: How smoke plume spread over Northern California
    Day by day, the plume of smoke can be seen growing and spreading out across a large portion of Northern California before blowing over the Pacific Ocean.
    ABC News.  Thu, 15 Nov 2018 20:30:31 UTC.
  • The Trudeau family history you didn't know: 'Singaporean blood'
    It's well known that Justin Trudeau's father Pierre was Canada's 15th prime minister. But there are governing genes on his mother's side of the family tree too: he just had to cross the Pacific Ocean to find their roots.
    Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.  Thu, 15 Nov 2018 10:29:45 EST.

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