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  • Flat Screen Computer Monitor (Digital Image)
    A sleek, thin, computer monitor displays a cloud pattern. Click your monitor's on button, and watch its screen display brighten up.
  • Woman Holding a Flat of Flowering Plants (Digital Video)
    A nursery employee wearing a pink nursery apron holds a tray of flowering plants in a greenhouse.
  • LCD Monitors
    While there are several ways to display output from a computer, the most common way is via a color liquid crystal display, or LCD. These displays are also known as flat panel displays or LCD monitors.
  • Briefcases
    A briefcase is a flat, rectangular case used for carrying a variety of important files, notes, phones, PDAs and other necessities. In the business world, briefcases are essential for organizational purposes.
  • Barbados
    From dramatic cliffs in the north, windswept Atlantic beaches in the east, and flat pastureland in the south to white sand beaches on the west coast, Barbados covers an area of 166 square miles.
  • Spade Bit thumbnail Spade Bit (Photograph)
    Spade drill bits are used for boring holes in wood. These bits often cause splintering, and thus are used for rough work applications. These bits are flat with a center point and two cutting blades.
  • Titanium Wedding Bands thumbnail Titanium Wedding Bands (Photograph)
    Two titanium silver wedding bands are photographed on a white background. The larger ring lies flat, while the other leans against it at an angle. Made out of hammered titanium, each ring includes a heartfelt inscription on its interior surface.

Flat News

  • Ford to Move Electric SUV Production to Mexico
    Earlier this year, we reported that Ford had decided to invest $700 million in its Flat Rock plant in Michigan to build an electric SUV with a 300-mile range. ...
    Collin Woodard.  Motor Trend.  Thu, 07 Dec 2017 19:10:01 +0000.
  • Flat Earth believer plans flight in homemade rocket
    US limousine driver Mike Hughes, who doesn't believe in science, expects to hurtle 550 metres over a ghost town in a steam-powered rocket this weekend.
    Australian Broadcasting Corporation.  Thu, 23 Nov 2017 11:52:20 +1100.
  • Average fuel economy of new U.S. vehicles sold in February flat at 25.1 mpg
    The average fuel economy of new light vehicles sold in the U.S. in February remained unchanged from January at 25.1 mpg, the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute said.
    AutoNews.com.  Fri, 10 Mar 2017 15:55:10 EST.  Subscription required.

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