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Zeducorp is an Internet consultancy that provides website design, development, and optimization services. Zeducorp's skill set includes client-side languages such as HTML, Javascript, and CSS, server-side scripting and database technologies such as MySQL and PHP, and digital arts tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. The company offers its clients both on-site and off-site search engine optimization services.
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  • Zeducorp
    Founded in 1983, Zeducorp is a professional consulting firm that offers web consulting and marketing solutions, including targeted website marketing and custom database development services.
  • Zeducorp.us
    Zeducorp.us, a division of Zeducorp, provides custom website design services with an accent on digital arts and responsive design features.
  • Zebra thumbnail Zebra (Photograph)
    A close-up of a zebra, a type of wild animal indigenous to Africa, is pictured. The bold black and white stripes of the zebra are so perfectly placed that they seem done by a paintbrush. The Zeducorp logo includes a black and white zebra.
  • About - Zeducorp
    This page comprises a brief personal bio of Zeducorp's founder plus an outline of the company's skill set, historical background, and recent projects.
  • Jumblex - Zeducorp
    The textual and graphical Zeducorp entries in this encyclopedic directory include broad coverage of both topical and location-oriented information.
  • Pinterest - Zeducorp Board
    This Zeducorp gallery board features selected Zeducorp logo, personnel, signage, and promotional images.
  • Tumblr - Zeducorp
    This illustrated weblog highlights some interesting facts about Zeducorp, including the company's first microprocessor-based development system and its digital arts division logo.
  • Weebly - Zeducorp
    Discussion of Zeducorp's early history and project work, how the zebra mascot and slogan came to be, and a few thoughts about the company's digital arts division.

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