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  • Unfinished Furniture
    Visit this unfinished furniture directory for information about unfinished furniture products and services in the United States of America. The photo on this page depicts several stacks of unfinished wooden chairs.
  • Unfinished Hardwood Maple Chairs (Digital Image)
    A row of unfinished chairs, made of maple, are arranged in a dramatic row. Create your own look for a fraction of the price by buying and finishing unfinished furniture.
  • Unfinished Furniture
    Unfinished furniture is furniture that has not been painted or stained; it essentially has a raw-wood finish. Unfinished furniture is ideal for those who have a certain look in mind and want to finish it themselves.
  • Construction Crane thumbnail Construction Crane (Photograph)
    A heavy-duty construction crane spans the entire length of a tall building, helping construction workers finish the top floors of the skyscraper. The tall crane will allow construction workers to complete the skeleton of the unfinished building.
  • Paver Patio thumbnail Paver Patio (Photograph)
    A close-up photograph of an unfinished patio shows pavers that have yet to be laid. As the workers lay the pavers, the patio will grow in size. What was once a natural area will become a manicured space that will provide a smooth walking surface.
  • Furniture Information Guide
    This furniture information guide features links to Amish furniture, wicker furniture, kitchen furniture, and more, as well as helpful buying guides.
  • Automobile Manufacturing Plant thumbnail Automobile Manufacturing Plant (Photograph)
    The interior of a busy auto manufacturing plant highlights the many pieces of machinery that go into making an automobile. A worker wearing a hardhat sits at a welding station. To his left is the metal shell of an unfinished automobile.
  • Commercial Construction thumbnail Commercial Construction (Photograph)
    Concrete, metal, and wood rise several stories into the blue sky, as an unfinished commercial building exterior is brought to life. A yellow crane perches atop the construction site. Day by day the construction site is transformed.
  • Cabinetmaker Making Furniture (Digital Image)
    A man wearing glasses runs his hands over an unfinished piece of wood, envisioning the furniture he will create. Furniture construction is an art and a science that requires the right balance of creativity, tools, and knowledge.

Unfinished Directory Page(s)

  • Unfinished Page on AbiFind.com
    Visit this unfinished category page on abifind.com to find editorially-reviewed resources about this topic.

  • Unfinished Page on Jumblex.org
    Visit this unfinished category page on jumblex.org to find editorially-reviewed resources about this topic.

Unfinished News

  • I.R.S. Backlog Holds Up Millions of Taxpayer Returns
    The agency started the tax season with more than eight million unfinished returns from the previous year.
    Deborah B. Solomon.  New York Times.  Tue, 21 Jun 2022 19:49:23 +0000.
  • Verstappen has unfinished business in Baku
    Formula One championship leader Max Verstappen has unfinished business to take care of at this weekend's Azerbaijan Grand Prix while also looking to reassert himself as Red Bull's lead driver.
    ESPN.  Thu, 9 Jun 2022 10:34:45 EST.
  • Protesters In Abadan Demand Justice Following Deadly Building Collapse
    Hundreds of residents in Abadan, the capital of the southwestern Iranian province of Khuzestan, took to the streets on May 26 for the second consecutive night to protest the deadly collapse of an unfinished building and demand justice.
    Radio Liberty.  Fri, 27 May 2022 12:45:04 +0000.

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