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A tent is a portable shelter made of cloth that is supported by one or more poles. A small tent may be freestanding, but larger tents are usually anchored to the ground with the use of ropes and tent pegs. Camping tents are often marketed as two person, four person, six person, and so on, and may consist of a single "room" or contain dividers. Large open tents can be rented for events such as weddings and outdoor parties.
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  • Camping Tents
    A suitable tent is a must-have for camping in the great outdoors. There are various camping tents available, from tents that are perfect for family camping, to sophisticated, expedition camping tents.
  • Buying a Tent
    This website offers information about buying a camping tent, including the features of various kinds of tents. Also included is a tent supplier directory.
  • Camping Equipment
    Camping is a popular recreational activity for those who enjoy the outdoors. Find links to camping equipment stores for all of your camping needs.

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Three Tents in the Desert

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