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  • Cowboy Hats
    Cowboy hats are Western style hats that were originally created as part of cowmen's daily wear. The wide brim could be used for fanning a fire, scooping water, or waving to distant riders.
  • Cowboy Hat History
    The cowboy hat was invented in 1865 when John Stetson used fur fabric and boiling water to create a hat that kept out the elements. Learn more on this website.
  • Tote Bags
    A tote bag is a flexible bag with an open top. Many are made of canvas, but tote bags can also be made of leather, vinyl, straw, or other fabric. Visit this site to learn more about tote bags.
  • Wicker Furniture
    Wicker furniture is constructed of hard woven plant fibers such as willow switches, rattan stalks, or straw reeds. Wicker furniture was popular in Victorian times and continues to hold nostalgic appeal.
  • Wicker Chair and Cushions (Digital Image)
    A brown wicker chair, accessorized with ticked cushions, sits in a sunny yard. A straw hat, bag, and pair of sandals symbolize summer relaxation.

Straw News

  • Hikers plucked to safety after 5 days in SoCal wilderness
    A pair of hikers lost in the rugged, icy mountains of Southern California rationed food and sipped water through a filtered straw to survive for five days until searchers finally found them
    ABC News.  Thu, 11 Apr 2019 15:19:59 -0400.
  • Stopping Straw Purchases
    "Davie purchased three handguns on behalf of drug dealers"
    Guns and Gear.  Daily Caller.  Mon, 11 Mar 2019 22:06:34 +0000.
  • Australian Volunteers Clean the Ocean One Straw at a Time
    Environmental groups are celebrating efforts to ban what they say is an avalanche of plastic straws polluting the worlds oceans. Chain restaurants like Starbucks and McDonalds are phasing out plastics and U.S. ...
    Voice of America.  Mon, 11 Mar 2019 17:18:00 -0400.

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