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  • World War I Soldier thumbnail World War I Soldier (Photograph)
    A monument of a soldier from World War I is photographed against a backdrop of fall foliage. The dull gray color of the statue stands in stark contrast to the gold, red, orange, and green trees. A bright blue sky peeks out from behind the trees.
  • World War II Soldier (Digital Image)
    A portrait of a young soldier, a day before being shipped overseas to fight in World War II. The fighter jet above him emits a menacing drone, while the clouds in the background symbolize that the days to come will be difficult.
  • White Cross Grave Marker thumbnail White Cross Grave Marker (Photograph)
    A simple white marble cross at the American Cemetery in the French town of Romagne-sous-Montfaucon honors the life of a soldier lost during World War I. The grave is surrounded by a beautiful flower bouquet as well as small American and French flags.

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us soldier against blue sky background
United States Soldier Holding a Weapon

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