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  • Sandy Beach near a Bermuda Hotel (Digital Image)
    Gentle waves wash up against the white sands of a sunny, Bermuda beach. The turquoise color of the ocean contrasts with the bright blue color of the sky. While several clouds are evident in the sky, it's obvious that good weather is here to stay.
  • New Car in an Automobile Showroom (Digital Image)
    A shiny, black new car sits on a showroom floor, as images reflect off its doors. Anyone who has ever bought a car is familiar with the allure of the car dealership. The various makes, models, and colors can delight the senses.
  • Hacksaw Blade (Digital Image)
    A sharp and shiny saw blade emerges from a bright black and yellow handle. Whether you are a contractor or a do-it-yourselfer who enjoys puttering around the home, a saw is a necessary tool for many construction projects.
  • White Horse Wearing a Bridle (Digital Image)
    A beautifully groomed white horse wears a well cared for bridle. Horse owners and horseback riders can find everything they need to enjoy their horses at tack shops.
  • Woman Smelling Cherry Blossom Fragrance (Digital Video)
    A woman pauses to smell the faint aroma of fresh cherry blossoms in the springtime.

Smell News

  • Coronavirus: Recovered patients on loss of smell and taste
    Months after recovering from the novel coronavirus, several patients say neither their sense of taste nor smell has returned, which has made them lose joy in things such as eating.
    Daily Mail.  Thu, 04 Jun 2020 23:16:17 GMT.
  • All you need to know on the coronavirus
    Loss of taste and smell have been added to the UK's list of coronavirus symptoms.
    BBC News.  Thu, 04 Jun 2020 19:53:57 GMT.
  • Rediscovering Wine After Covid-19
    Aside from its toll on human life, the pandemic has also stolen little things, like the ability to smell and taste. How a neurologist found a deeper relationship with wine.
    Eric Asimov.  New York Times.  Thu, 28 May 2020 20:50:30 +0000.

Smell Image

little girl smelling the flowers
Stopping to Smell the Flowers

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