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  • Snow Shovel thumbnail Snow Shovel (Illustration)
    Illustration of a snow shovel, a snow-removal tool that consists of a wide, lightweight blade with narrow edges, affixed to a handle. Snow shovels help to clear snow from driveways and sidewalks.
  • Gardening Hand Tools thumbnail Gardening Hand Tools (Illustration)
    Simple hand tools are often best for small gardens or flower beds. A shovel, or spade, can be used to turn over soil, dig weeds, and make planting holes. A spading fork, or rake, can be used to transport plants and separate weeds from garden plants.
  • Red Garage Covered with White Snow (Digital Video)
    The snow shovel in the foreground will be used to dig out a red, snow-covered garage.

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shovel in soil
Brown Shovel in Brown Dirt

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