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  • Fisherman Sport Fishing from Shore (Digital Video)
    A sport fisherman fishes from a rocky shore as calm ocean waters ripple in the background.
  • Canadian Rockies Lakeshore (Digital Image)
    A photo of Canada's beautiful scenery, including a lakeshore landscape, scenic snow-capped Canadian Rocky Mountains, and a blue sky. Large pine trees dot the shore of the lake. Arrive in Canada by car, train, or airplane.
  • Where to Surf
    Whether you are a beginner surfer or a professional surfer, this article highlights shore surfing locations along the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean coastlines.
  • Orange Lifeboat Sitting on a Sandy Beach (Digital Video)
    An empty orange lifeboat sits on a sandy beach as ocean waves lap gently along the shore.

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pebbles along the shore
Pebbles on an Ocean Shoreline (Long Exposure)

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