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  • Wooden Shed thumbnail Wooden Shed (Photograph)
    A brown, wooden garden shed with red trim holds landscaping tools and other gardening equipment. Larger items, such as fencing material and a wheelbarrow, lean neatly against the side of the shed.
  • White Potting Shed thumbnail White Potting Shed (Photograph)
    A rustic white potting shed, with a white door and singular window, is surrounded by vibrant green foliage and herbs. The plants have been well tended by tools that are located inside the shed.
  • Old, Overgrown Storage Shed (Digital Video)
    An old, overgrown shed, perhaps abandoned, sits on a hillside amidst gently swaying grasses.
  • Storage Sheds
    A storage shed provides a convenient way to store and organize items that won't fit in your garage or basement.
  • Exercising at Home thumbnail Exercising at Home (Photograph)
    A man wearing jeans and a polo shirt pedals a recumbent bicycle in a home gym with shiny hardwood floors and white walls. A stationary bicycle can be used to shed calories and increase heart rate without putting undue stress on the joints.
  • Leaf Blower thumbnail Leaf Blower (Photograph)
    A close-up photograph of a leaf blower shows the machinery removing leaves from a grassy lawn. When the weather turns colder the leaves shed, littering the lawn. A leaf blower blows the leaves to one side or the other, revealing the foliage underneath.
  • Cycling Equipment
    Few sports are as good for your endurance and your heart as cycling. Cycling is very effective at helping you shed pounds, while also improving your stamina.
  • Man Riding a Stationary Exercise Bike (Digital Image)
    A colorful cartoon rendering of a man on an exercise bike highlights the rigors of exercise.

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Shed News

  • Looking for Britain's fastest broadband? Head for a shed in the Yorkshire Dales
    Thanks to Keith Mothersdale, Rathmell in the Yorkshire Dales has lightning-quick broadband and he can boast the UK's fastest internet speed.
    Daily Mail.  Sat, 25 Sep 2021 22:01:57 +0100.
  • IRGC unveils UGVs
    Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) shed some light on its robotics programmes when it displayed dozens of unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) during a ceremony ...
    Janes 360.  Wed, 22 Sep 2021 17:35:13 Z.
  • FBI raids Brian Laundrie's home, warrants shed light on Petito disappearance
    The manhunt for Brian Laundrie is ongoing after remains matching the description of his fiance, Gabby Petito, were found in Wyoming. More than a dozen FBI agents raided the Laundrie home Monday searching for clues. Jericka Duncan reports.
    CBS News.  Tue, 21 Sep 2021 11:22:02 -0400.

Shed Bibliography

  • Truini, Joseph. Building a Shed. Newtown, CT. Taunton. 2003.

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