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  • Gooseneck Lamp with a Green Lamp Shade (Digital Image)
    This neat little table lamp looks real perky with its green lampshade and its flexible, black neck! Simply plug it into the wall outlet and flip on the switch. Studying or writing with such a table lamp makes it easier to see the task at hand.
  • Lamp Shade and Red Sofa (Digital Image)
    A well-dressed lamp can provide dazzling light and ambiance to a room and its furnishings. It supplies local light, brings a touch of color into the room, and adds a human touch to a stark room.
  • Table Lamp Shade thumbnail Table Lamp Shade (Photograph)
    A modern, shiny brass table lamp is photographed on a brown background. A dimly lit lamp can make a dark corner of a room feel cozy and inviting. Pull up a chair, click on the lamp, and enjoy a book or a hobby in the lamp's warm glow.
  • Antique Table Lamp thumbnail Antique Table Lamp (Photograph)
    A small table lamp with an intricately designed shade sits on a table. When lit, the table lamp casts a warm glow on the red wall behind it. This lamp is a stylish addition to any entryway, but also makes a wonderful reading lamp.
  • Floor Lamp Clip Art thumbnail Floor Lamp Clip Art (Illustration)
    Floor lamps do provide some safety concerns. The heavy tops are susceptible to toppling over, causing damage to the lamp and possibly its surroundings. Additionally, most torchiere lamps use halogen bulbs, which become extremely hot while in use.
  • Floor Lamp and Flowers thumbnail Floor Lamp and Flowers (Photograph)
    Floor lamps (downward lighting) and torchieres (upward lighting) are both effective in their own specific tasks. Torchieres are more effective in situations which require soft lighting, such as watching tv and simply lighting a room.
  • Patio Umbrella thumbnail Patio Umbrella (Photograph)
    Two wooden tables sit on a patio, which overlooks a vast meadow, mountain range, and blue skies. One table features a patio umbrella, to shade users from sun or from light rain.
  • Stone Patio thumbnail Stone Patio (Photograph)
    A wire outdoor table and chairs provides a decorative resting place on a stone patio. The tree-lined patio, which provides both sun and shade, is also decorated with grassy areas in which to rest.
  • Arizona Desert Road thumbnail Arizona Desert Road (Photograph)
    A windy road in Sedona, Arizona provides the perfect opportunity for a picturesque photo. Ragged red rock juts up into a deep blue sky and Utah Jasper trees hang over the road providing shade for traveling motorists on a warm day.
  • Desert Home thumbnail Desert Home (Photograph)
    A large, prefabricated home made out of stucco is designed to be situated in the desert. The elongated windows allow the sun to stream in, while the large portico provides shade for those looking to get out of the sun.
  • Evergreens in a Snow-Covered Nursery (Digital Image)
    A row of evergreens grows at a tree nursery in the Pacific Northwest. The evergreens are dusted with snow, and set in front of a stunning blue sky.

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Shade News

  • How Much Does It Cost to Plant a Tree?
    Trees add to a home's curb appeal, offer soothing shade during summertime, and contribute to air quality, but the cost to plant a tree depends on several factors.
    Glenda Taylor.  Bob Vila.  Wed, 28 Jul 2021 07:24:03 -0400.
  • Machine Gun Kelly appears to shade his own movie in cryptic tweet
    The "Tickets to My Downfall" artist, whose real name is Colson Baker, made a comment about "trash" movies on Friday.
    Lauryn Overhultz.  Fox News.  Sat, 24 Jul 2021 01:52:56 GMT.
  • WATCH: Remote-controlled lawn mowers
    If you prefer to sip a beverage in the shade while mowing the lawn remotely, ABC News' Will Ganss has the perfect thing for you!
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Shade Bibliography

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