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Roots are branched structures that anchor plants and enable them to absorb water and mineral salts. Most roots are underground, but some roots are aerial. A root consists of a three zones: a ramification zone that produces secondary roots, a feeder root zone that is covered with absorbent hairs, and a growth zone where new cells at the point extend and divide.
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  • Family Tree Concept Drawing thumbnail Family Tree Concept Drawing (Illustration)
    Family trees usually start with the oldest generations at the top of the chart and the newer generations at the bottom. When presented this way, the shape more closely resembles an upside-down tree, with roots at the top and branches at the bottom.
  • Trees in Burlap thumbnail Trees in Burlap (Photograph)
    Young trees, wrapped in burlap, are pictured at a tree farm. The color of the leaves of the trees indicates that the season is changing. The burlap will protect the roots of the trees, and will help them withstand the winter.
  • The Game of Golf
    Golf has come a long way since its roots in 15th century Scotland, where it was played with a bent tree branch and a small leather bag filled with feathers.
  • Garden Tools thumbnail Garden Tools (Photograph)
    A garden hoe is a versatile tool that has been used for centuries. Common uses of the hoe include weed control, moving soil, digging furrows and trenches, and chopping roots and weeds.
  • Family Posing next to a Tree (Digital Image)
    A young family poses by a tree in the park, and commemorates the moment with a photograph. Like most families, this one most likely has an interest in their family tree.

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  • How To: Get Rid of Crane Flies
    Invasive lawn and garden pests like crane flies can cause serious damage to plant roots and stems. Wondering how to get rid of crane flies? Here's how to protect your property.
    Katie Flannery.  Bob Vila.  Thu, 17 Jun 2021 07:28:40 -0400.
  • Ukraine Roots Out Ring Behind Hacks On U.S. Universities, South Korean Firms
    Police in Ukraine said on June 16 that they exposed a ring of hackers who targeted some of the most prestigious U.S. universities as well as commercial companies in South Korea.
    Radio Liberty.  Wed, 16 Jun 2021 16:41:47 +0000.
  • Online cycling store Wiggle set to list on US stock market
    The firm, which traces its roots back to a Portsmouth bike shop called Butler Cycles, is being bought from its private equity owner Bridgepoint by Signa Sports United.
    Daily Mail.  Sat, 12 Jun 2021 07:32:30 GMT.

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