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  • Golf Ball Rolling into a Hole on a Green (Digital Video)
    A golf ball is placed on a green and putted into the flagged hole on the green.
  • Snowman and Broom thumbnail Snowman and Broom (Illustration)
    Black and white picture of a snowman, made by rolling three snowballs along snow-covered ground. The largest snowball is positioned on the ground; the two smaller snowballs are stacked on top to form the torso and head of the snowman.
  • Home Office (Photograph)
    A photograph depicts a well-appointed office, with a wide variety of useful office furniture. A rolling black office chair sits in front of a long wooden desk. Surrounding the desk area are shelves for storage.
  • Pebbles on a Beach thumbnail Pebbles on a Beach (Photograph)
    This scenic photo encompasses the peaceful, relaxing atmosphere of a quiet beach and the sound of the ocean. The waves are gently rolling onto the glistening sand and eroding space around some smooth, dark stones on a southern California beach.

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rolling dough
Young Woman Rolling Dough in her Kitchen

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