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  • Nursery Pots thumbnail Nursery Pots (Photograph)
    Rows of young trees, planted in individual cedar containers, are pictured at a tree nursery. The trees are organized in long, straight lines. When the trees mature, they will be removed from their individual pots and planted in the ground.
  • Copper Pots of Various Sizes (Digital Image)
    How delightfully French and gourmet these copper pots look! Every chef would appreciate the variety of sizes for cooking every kind of imaginable dish. Some pots are large enough to boil water; others are ideal for steaming vegetables.
  • Copper Saucepans thumbnail Copper Saucepans (Photograph)
    These copper pots and pans are conveniently hanging from hooks on a rack mounted near the ceiling, adding a practical and decorative element to the kitchen. This assortment of high quality copper pots enables the cook to prepare many types of foods.
  • Gardening Equipment thumbnail Gardening Equipment (Photograph)
    Potting soil is most often made from peat moss, composted plant materials, sand, and perlite, which is a volcanic glass that has a high water content, suitable for drainage in the potting soil.
  • Gardening Tools thumbnail Gardening Tools (Photograph)
    While a hose is a more efficient way to water a garden, a watering can does come in handy at times when the garden is inaccessible by hose or the garden is so small that a hose would be impractical.
  • Refill Kit thumbnail Refill Kit (Photograph)
    Three pots of ink and a syringe are photographed on a white background, and are ready to be used in refillable ink cartridges. Simply fill the syringe with the correct color ink, and inject it into empty cartridges.

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Pots News

  • Coronavirus: Instant Pots disinfect N95 masks in 50 minutes
    Experts found N95 masks can be sanitize in an Instant Pot at 212 degrees Fahrenheit for just 50 minutes. The method proved to disinfect masks from the coronavirus that is still plague the world.
    Daily Mail.  Sat, 08 Aug 2020 10:34:56 GMT.
  • New York man paints portraits of frontline workers as tribute
    While some Americans bang pots and pans each night to thank frontline workers battling the coronavirus, one New York man decided to thank them using a paintbrush. Steve Hartman reports for this week's "On the Road."
    CBS News.  Tue, 21 Jul 2020 20:08:37 -0400.
  • The Best Dish Scrubber for Your Kitchen
    Scrape your dirtiest pots and wipe delicate crystal with these top scrubbing tools.
    Sarah Littleton.  Bob Vila.  Thu, 16 Jul 2020 05:00:02 -0400.

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