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Nurseries Information

  • Pinterest - Farm, Nursery, and Garden Board
    This Pinterest gallery features digital photos that illustrate selected farms, nurseries, and gardens.
  • Tree Nurseries
    Tree nurseries propagate and cultivate trees for use in orchards, landscapes, and forests. Some nurseries sell to the general public (retail), while others sell to other nurseries and landscape contractors.
  • Plant Nurseries
    Plant nurseries grow annuals, perennials, and shrubs to sell to the general public or garden centers, commercial landscapers, and other nurseries.
  • Baby Nurseries
    The baby nursery should be away from the active parts of the house, but close to your bedroom so you can hear the baby during the night.
  • Nursery Types
    Three primary types of plant nurseries are described on this website. Learn the distinctions between wholesale, retail, and mail-order nurseries on this page.
  • Home and Garden Photos
    Find a variety of photographs including baby nurseries, bookcases, copper cookware, and more with this directory of photographs relating to the home and garden.
  • Evergreens in a Snow-Covered Nursery (Digital Image)
    A row of evergreens grows at a tree nursery in the Pacific Northwest. The evergreens are dusted with snow, and set in front of a stunning blue sky.

Nurseries Directory Page(s)

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  • Nurseries Page on GoGuides.org
    Visit this nurseries category page on goguides.org to find editorially-reviewed resources about this topic.

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Nurseries Bibliography

  • Avent, Tony. So You Want to Start a Nursery. Portland, OR. Timber Press. 2003.

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