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  • Pucks Being Shot into an Ice Hockey Goal (Digital Video)
    An ice hockey player practices shooting hockey pucks into a hockey goal net.
  • Ice Hockey Skates (Photograph)
    A pair of red, black and silver hockey skates is photographed on a white background. When this equipment is placed on the hockey player's feet and laced up, it will allow the player to glide quickly across the ice.
  • Ice Hockey Gear (Photograph)
    A black hockey puck rests against a wooden hockey stick wrapped in white tape. Both stick and puck are photographed on white ice in a darkened hockey arena. In the background, a red net is visible.
  • Hockey Equipment
    Ice hockey, street hockey, and field hockey are variants of the same game played with a curved stick and a puck or ball. Links to hockey equipment suppliers are included on the page.
  • Hockey
    Learn about the various types of hockey on this website, including ice, field, indoor, and roller hockey. Details about each type are given.
  • Hockey Teams
    Professional hockey was introduced in 1917 with four Canadian teams: the Montreal Canadiens, the Montreal Wanderers, the Ottawa Senators, and the Quebec Bulldogs.

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