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  • Swan Boats in Boston Public Gardens (Digital Video)
    Swan boats, with tourists aboard, ply the calm waters of the Boston Public Garden.
  • Garden Reference Guide
    This garden guide features information on plants, decks and patios, and landscape lighting, as well as links to a variety of garden-related products and services.
  • Deer-Resistant Gardening
    Deer are beautiful, but they can be a real nuisance when it comes to your lawn and garden. Learn about deer resistant plants and find deer resistant gardening ideas to keep them away.
  • Garden Fountains
    This site is a garden fountain consumer guide with information and resources. Fountains are a beautiful way to add relaxation and serenity to any garden setting.
  • Garden Plants
    Visitors can learn about garden annuals, perennials, ground covers, flower bulbs, and shrubs and visit links to online gardening shops.
  • Garden Sheds
    Website visitors can learn how to plan, locate, and organize a garden storage shed, as well as browse manufacturer websites.
  • Garden Lighting
    The right garden lighting can really beautify your lawn and garden. Learn all about using outdoor lights in your garden with this helpful guide to garden lighting.
  • Deer Resistant Plants
    Many gardeners have experienced the frustration of planting attractive shrubbery only to have it eaten by deer. White-tailed deer are beautiful creatures, but they are an annoyance when it comes to gardens.
  • Gardening Hand Tools thumbnail Gardening Hand Tools (Illustration)
    Simple hand tools are often best for small gardens or flower beds. A shovel, or spade, can be used to turn over soil, dig weeds, and make planting holes. A spading fork, or rake, can be used to transport plants and separate weeds from garden plants.
  • Pond Supplies
    Ponds and water gardens add beauty and tranquility to any outdoor space. Ponds may be made from a variety of materials and may or may not contain plants and fish.
  • Pinterest - Farm, Nursery, and Garden Board
    This Pinterest gallery features photographs that highlight farming, gardening, and plant growing activities.

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Gardens Bibliography

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