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Finland is the eighth largest country in Europe, and its inhabitants account for about 0.74 percent of Europe's population. Finland is sparsely populated, with a population density of about 47 persons per square mile. Finland has a long, jagged coastline that stretches along the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea in the south to the Gulf of Bothnia in the west. Finland's many offshore islands include the large Aland Islands group. Tourist destinations include the Lake Saimaa region in southeastern Finland and Lappeenranta, a picturesque university town in southern Finland.
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  • Finland World Bank Data
    World Bank statistical data and graphs about economic and social development patterns in Finland. Data includes topics such as GNI per capita, school enrollment, and life expectancy.
  • Map Of Finland
    The country of Finland is home to five million people and one of the largest countries in Europe. Finland is about 700 miles long and bordered by Sweden, Norway, and Russia.
  • Helsinki Map
    Helsinki is the capital city and economic hub of Finland; the city is also known for its beautiful architecture, excellent cafes and restaurants, theaters and galleries, and plentiful shopping.
  • Map Of Norway
    The country of Norway is located in the western and northern areas of Scandinavia and borders Finland, Sweden, and Russia. Mountains, glaciers, and lakes comprise about 70% of the country.

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birch forest in Finland
Birch Trees in a Finland Nature Preserve

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