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Located in Central America between the Pacific Ocean on the west and the Caribbean Sea on the east, Costa Rica is the one hundred and thirtyeth largest country in the world; its inhabitants account for about 0.84 percent of North America's population. Costa Rica's population density is about 236 persons per square mile. Costa Rica gained its full independence in 1838 after being ruled by Spain until 1821. The country's primary language is Spanish, with English Creole an oft-used secondary language.
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  • Costa Rica World Bank Data
    World Bank statistical data and graphs about economic and social development patterns in Costa Rica. Data includes topics such as GNI per capita, school enrollment, and life expectancy.
  • Green Coffee Berries thumbnail Green Coffee Berries (Photograph)
    A bush of bright green coffee berries is photographed at a coffee plantation in Costa Rica. The sun reflects off of the berries, evoking feelings of lush, warm tropics.
  • Central America Map
    Central America is located at the southern-most part of North America, and comprises the 7 nations of Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama.
  • Cattleya Orchids thumbnail Cattleya Orchids (Photograph)
    Cattleya orchids come in 113 different varieties; they are native to Costa Rica and the rain forests of South America. These orchids are easy to care for, but they require a lot of humidity and indirect sunlight.

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