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Corn is a familiar grain that grows primarily in warm climates. It may be white or yellow and is processed to form ground corn, polenta, hominy, or grits. Popcorn, a special variety of corn, can be heated and popped to form a favorite snack.
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  • Corn Cribs
    Corn cribs were first used by Native Americans, and they usually had slats in the walls to allow air to circulate. Slats or vent holes are used to this day to help the corn dry quickly.
  • Cribs
    Cribs are enclosures which are often constructed using a slatted framework. Various types of cribs are used as baby beds, as mangers for feeding animals, as stalls for stabling animals, and for drying corn.
  • agricultural consulting careers
    this agricultural consultant page comprises information about agricultural consulting careers in the united states of america plus a photo of an agronomist inspecting a corn plant.

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