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  • Retirement Community Directory
    This retirement community and retirement home directory lists retirement communities and homes in virtually every state of the USA. The photograph on this page depicts a community center building in a retirement community.
  • Active Adult Communities
    Active adult retirement communities are becoming a popular residential choice for those 55 and older. This site provides helpful information about active adult communities.
  • Active Adult Community Business
    Active adult communities are also sometimes known as retirement communities. Learn more about active adult communities for those who are 55 and older.
  • Community Security
    Burglary is committed about every ten seconds in the United States. Learn about how to make your home burglar deterrent with this helpful community safety guide.
  • Tract Homes thumbnail Tract Homes (Photograph)
    Many planned communities consist of tract homes, which are multiple identical homes constructed on a tract of land and then subdivided. Planned communities may allow original homebuyers to select from a predetermined number of house styles.
  • Nunavut Territory
    While the 28 communities of Nunavut are linked by modern communications and regional airlines, Nunavut is the only Canadian province to which there are no roads, making it a unique travel destination.

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  • Suchman, Diane R., et al. Developing Active Adult Retirement Communities. Washington, DC. Urban Land Institute. 2001.

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