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  • Brown Coffee Beans thumbnail Brown Coffee Beans (Photograph)
    Rich, dark brown coffee beans are photographed in a small burlap sack on a white background. Before they can be enjoyed as a beverage, these coffee beans will be ground using a burr coffee grinder.
  • Steaming Cup of Coffee with Coffee Beans (Digital Video)
    A steaming cup of coffee and a saucer sit amidst a scattering of roasted coffee beans.
  • Roasted Coffee Beans (Digital Video)
    Roasted coffee beans appear larger than full-size in this close-up video.
  • Coffee Grinders
    Grinding your own coffee beans can yield fresh, delicious coffee. Learn more about coffee grinders and find links to popular suppliers of coffee grinders.
  • Coffee Roasters
    Coffee beans are roasted at temperatures between 370 and 540 degrees Fahrenheit. Depending on the desired roast darkness, the beans are roasted anywhere from a few minutes to a half hour.

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brown coffee beans and green coffee leaf
Coffee Beans and Leaf on Rough Wood

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