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A clock is an instrument used for measuring time, and is one of the oldest human inventions, predated by the sundial. It often consists of a face with numbers or lines from one through twelve, and an hour, minute, and sometimes second hand. Other clock faces may display the time digitally. Clocks may be freestanding, hung on the wall, or worn on the wrist as a watch.
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  • Antique Alarm Clocks
    Most of us rely on alarm clocks on an almost daily basis, but early alarm clocks were very different than the digital ones of today. Early alarm clocks often had legs and were nickel-plated.
  • Cuckoo Clocks
    Cuckoo clocks, also known as Black Forest Clocks, are decorative wall clocks that imitate the sound of cuckoo bird when striking the hours.
  • Atomic Clocks
    Atomic clocks keep time by means of quartz crystals and periodic radio-controlled synchronization with the NIST atomic clock. Visitors to this website will find comparisons of radio-controlled clocks and watches.
  • How Grandfather Clocks Work
    Grandfather clocks are popular for their characteristic chimes and timeless good looks. Learn about how grandfather clocks work with this helpful guide.
  • Alarm Clocks
    Alarm clocks are a necessity to wake up and get moving in today's busy world. This site features and introduction to alarm clock styles, such as mechanical, electric, and battery operated.
  • Grandfather Clocks
    Grandfather clocks not only keep time, they serve as beautiful and elegant pieces of furniture. A grandfather clock typically stands about 7 feet high and has a pendulum and weights beneath the clock.
  • Time Clocks
    Visit this time clocks directory to find time clock solution providers throughout the United States. The photograph on this page depicts a traditional, wall-mounted time clock.
  • Wall Clocks
    A wall clock can serve as a stylish wall decoration in addition to telling time. Modern wall clocks use quartz movements run by battery power, while traditional wall clocks may rely on weights and pendulums.
  • Clock Information Guide
    This clock guide features information and convenient links to wall clocks, atomic clocks, cuckoo clocks, grandfather clocks, alarm clocks, and wristwatches.
  • Atomic Wall Clock thumbnail Atomic Wall Clock (Illustration)
    Clocks are used throughout the world as a means of telling time. Atomic clocks in particular are trusted as the time-telling standard since they are the most accurate measurement available. This atomic clock shows both hands pointing to the twelve.
  • Black Forest Clock thumbnail Black Forest Clock (Photograph)
    Cuckoo clocks may be relatively simple or incredibly detailed. This ornate wooden hand-carved cuckoo clock shows the time at almost two o-clock. The detailed carvings include a man chopping wood, two men drinking ale, and several people on the balcony.

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