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  • Carbide Burs thumbnail Carbide Burs (Photograph)
    Two metal burs sit side-by-side on a grayish-white background. While the burs may appear similar from afar, this close-up shot shows their detailed differences. The light reflects off of each bur, showing their different shapes and patterns.
  • Dental Burs thumbnail Dental Burs (Photograph)
    A variety of different sized and colored dental burs are neatly stored next to other dental equipment, including a mirror. After the dentist diagnoses your dental issue, he or she will choose an appropriate bur before the dental drill comes to life.
  • Dentist Tools
    Many different types of tools are used in the field of dentistry. These include a mouth mirror, hand-held probes, college tweezers, syringes, dental burs, and more.

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chestnut burs
Brown Chestnut Burs

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