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  • Classroom Furniture thumbnail Classroom Furniture (Photograph)
    Modern wooden and chrome desks sit in a row in a bright classroom. A clean, empty blackboard comprises the background. In just a few moments, the desks will be filled with students, and the blackboard will be decorated with chalk.
  • Classroom thumbnail Classroom (Photograph)
    Streamlined, sleek classroom furniture is placed in a semicircle in a well-lit, modern classroom. A simple black and white desk is in the center of the lecture hall, waiting for the presence of a teacher or lecturer.
  • 360 Degree View of a School Classroom (Digital Video)
    A school classroom, with classroom desks, chairs, and blackboard.

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  • No blackboard news is available at this time.

Blackboard Image

blackboard behind light bulb
Hanging Lamp with Bare Light Bulb in Front of a Blackboard

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